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Coconut Wave – Terms of Use

Welcome to Coconut Wave.

These terms govern access to and use of the Coconut Wave website ('the site') at coconutwave.com. The operator of the site is Coconut Wave Global Pty Ltd (ABN 59 160 371 040) ('we', 'us').

Use of the site, or registration as a member on the site, indicates acceptance of these terms by the user or member concerned (“you”). If you do not accept these terms, you must not use or register with the site. These terms may be changed without prior notice to you. Amendments to these terms take effect when updated terms are published on the site. You should check this page from time to time to determine whether there have been any updates.

If you are a registered member, you must keep your user id and password for the site confidential. You are taken to be personally responsible for all use of the site using those credentials. If there is a risk that someone else might use your existing credentials to access your account (if, for example, your existing password accidentally becomes known to someone else) then you must immediately change your password using the facilities on the site.

You must be honest in the information that you provide us, and we will rely on the information provided by you being correct. You must tell us your date of birth when you join the site. You must be at least 13 years old to access the site we are entitled to assume you are at least that old. There may be certain areas of the site (such as personal matchmaking services) which you may not use, and we may restrict you from using, unless you are at least 18 years old.

You must not register more than one account with the site at any one time.

The site and its content (including text, images and code) are copyright. 'Coconut Wave' is our trade mark. Other trade marks and images used on the site are the property of their respective owners. All rights in the site, its content and those trade marks, are reserved. The following are expressly prohibited without our prior written consent: reproduction, transmission or publication in any form of the site or its content, use of 'Coconut Wave' or any deceptively similar mark as a trade mark, or linking to the site for commercial purposes.

If you provide original content through the site, including in posts, comments, editorial or discussion forum content, you retain copyright in that content. However, you agree that we can use that content, on a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free basis, on the site and in other internet properties and streams, and license others to use it. For clarity, we are not required to compensate you, or obtain your further consent, to use such content for those purposes.

You must not use the site for commercial purposes unless that use is on an area of the site (such as the classified advertising section) which is clearly intended for commercial material. In particular, you must not post advertising or commercial material in any of the chat or discussion forums on the site, which are expressly reserved for non-commercial discussion.

The site contains links to other sites and content. Links do not imply that we approve of or endorse such sites or content. We have no control over or liability for linked sites or content.

You must not submit content (including text, images or links, or by way of your user name), in any area of the site, that is misleading or deceptive, unlawful, defamatory, threatening, that infringes others’ rights or interferes with their privacy, or that is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult. You must not use automated means such as 'bots' to access the site or submit content. You must not cause the site or any user to be exposed to malicious code (such as viruses and the like). You must not use the site in such a manner as to deny access or services to others. You must not engage in any unlawful activity using the site. You must not circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, any of the site’s security features or processes. We may amend or remove content, warn users, or temporarily or permanently suspend or withdraw your access to the site, at our discretion and without prior notice. If your account is suspended or terminated, you must not create another account without our prior written consent.

If you find inappropriate or objectionable content on the site, you can report it to feedback@coconutwave.com

You can control the scope of access to your content using the privacy and scope of access tools accessible on the site. You acknowledge that at the broadest settings, your content will be available to all internet users, and that we cannot control how that content is used, once it is available to other internet users.

Although we endeavour to ensure the site is up-to-date, complete and correct, you agree that we have no liability for errors or omissions in the site's content, nor for any malicious code which may be transmitted through the site, nor for any other act, omission, event or circumstance arising from or related to the site (including where arising from our negligence). We do not warrant that the site will be available continuously, and we may restrict access to the site from time to time for security or maintenance purposes.

You agree that we have no liability to you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss or misuse of data, or loss of revenue or profit (whether or not we were or should reasonably have been aware of the risk). Without affecting the other limitations in this paragraph, you agree that our total aggregate liability to you for any claim by you in relation to these terms or the site will not exceed ten Australian dollars.

Our privacy policy at sets out our policies relating to personal information about you collected, used or disclosed by us. You consent to our use of personal information in accordance with that policy.

These terms form an agreement made in Queensland, Australia. They are governed by Queensland law, and any dispute will be adjudicated by the Queensland courts. You must not take any legal action in respect of the site or this agreement without first using reasonable good faith efforts to resolve the dispute by negotiation with us.

Coconut Wave Global Pty Ltd
30 October 2012


Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Outdoorsey Things

This is the connection for time outside! Take a leap, take a bound and get out there, whether it be an extreme adventure like cliff jumping, four wheel driving and camping with like minded people, any type of outdoorsy stuff. Make a group, get out there and get excited.

Social Time

Get connected and interact with new friends. Make an awesome group with the things you want to do like, dancing, random fun adventures, meeting other couples, connect with a church, go traveling, meet veterans, go shopping, go out for a massive wild night out in the town or find someone to go watch a awesome movie with at the cinemas.

Geeks and Gadgets

Come to this area for the ultimate nerd time. Make groups with gaming, xbox, ps, gadgets....make sure you bring tastey delights!


Relax and entertain yourself with the creativity of many wonders. Get involved with a book club, learn the creation of arts and crafts, or a particular unique cool hobby, cooking or find people who are into health. Also connect with people who may have health issues or disabilities and get to meet someone who you can connect and relate with.


Here is a chance to get involved with the community or around the world! Interact and socialize with down to earth people.Enjoy the findings of garage sales, house swapping, find a study buddy, create a campaign or check out the idea and debate section, come on let it all out! Also the connection of volunteering, cultures and languages, a place for a cheap sleep, car pooling and finding missing connections (for example meeting someone on a night out and losing their number) reach out to them here. Have fun!

Tourist Destinations

Let people know where the best places are, tell secret spots and so on. Travel with friends here :)

Fitness Fun

Let's get excited and get the heart pumping!