About Us

Welcome to Coconutwave. We hope to become a vast & growing social friend finder site. Interact and connect with friends from all walks of life around the world through your interests.

It’s so easy, simply:
Create a personal profile, here
Search an interest
Search through groups or create your own group and see who joins you.

If you're travelling, moving to a new area or just looking for some local interaction, here is your Coconut Wave. The possibilities are limitless!
Sign up to Coconut Wave is free and open to everyone above the age of 13. So sign up and look forward to meeting and connecting on our shared interests.


Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Outdoorsey Things

This is the connection for time outside! Take a leap, take a bound and get out there, whether it be an extreme adventure like cliff jumping, four wheel driving and camping with like minded people, any type of outdoorsy stuff. Make a group, get out there and get excited.

Social Time

Get connected and interact with new friends. Make an awesome group with the things you want to do like, dancing, random fun adventures, meeting other couples, connect with a church, go traveling, meet veterans, go shopping, go out for a massive wild night out in the town or find someone to go watch a awesome movie with at the cinemas.

Geeks and Gadgets

Come to this area for the ultimate nerd time. Make groups with gaming, xbox, ps, gadgets....make sure you bring tastey delights!


Relax and entertain yourself with the creativity of many wonders. Get involved with a book club, learn the creation of arts and crafts, or a particular unique cool hobby, cooking or find people who are into health. Also connect with people who may have health issues or disabilities and get to meet someone who you can connect and relate with.


Here is a chance to get involved with the community or around the world! Interact and socialize with down to earth people.Enjoy the findings of garage sales, house swapping, find a study buddy, create a campaign or check out the idea and debate section, come on let it all out! Also the connection of volunteering, cultures and languages, a place for a cheap sleep, car pooling and finding missing connections (for example meeting someone on a night out and losing their number) reach out to them here. Have fun!

Tourist Destinations

Let people know where the best places are, tell secret spots and so on. Travel with friends here :)

Fitness Fun

Let's get excited and get the heart pumping!